Customer Testimonials

How Does ClearPro Define Success? 
To be recognized by our customers as the Premier Window Cleaning Business in the Markets that We Serve Exceeding All Others in Quality, Professionalism, Customer Service, and Value.

What Do Our Customers Have to Say About the Service that We Deliver?

This Page contains actual customer feedback from  418 jobs completed During the Period June 2010 to Present. 
Read one comment, a few comments, or all the comments.  You will quickly discover the difference that is uniquely ClearPro!

What is Our Ongoing Commitment to All of our Customers - Both New and Returning?

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed....Period.  Earning your continued trust and confidence in our workmanship and service is the most important task that we undertake each and every day.  All of us at ClearPro Window Cleaning understand that your complete satisfaction is the key to our on-going success.

How You Can Submit a Quality of Service Survey?  A Quality of Service Survey is given to each residential client following the completion of her/his cleaning service.  Simply fill it out and drop it in the mail.  You can also complete our Quality of Service Survey form on this web site and submit it electronically.

What Happens to Your Quality of Service Survey?  EVERY survey returned is reviewed by EVERY ClearPro residential window cleaning technician. Our goal is to earn "WOW" ratings on every single performance criteria on every single job.  Any individual grade falling below "Excellent" is carefully reviewed by the leadership team so that corrective action can be initiated when appropriate.

Note: All Quality of Service Surveys received back from customers are kept on permanent file in our office and are available for inspection during normal business hours.  Call Nancy Miller at (480) 459-5644 if you wish to make an appointment.

12/19/14 - Mark & Sebastian "We appreciated Mark calling to say that he would be 
               10 minutes late." - Carol S

12/18/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Keep up the fine work!" - Ron B

12/12/14 - Robert "Robert was great - That guy does awsome work." - Mark N

12/09/14 - Tim M "Tim was very thorough - helpful and cleaned my backwindow that had
                hard water stains. I was very happy with his work. Would like to have Tim clean
                my windows again. Thank You. - Bernice S 

12/06/14 - Mark & Sebastian "A great crew.  Thank you for your service!" - Marilyn N

12/5/14 -  Brian "We forgot to be home on time and Brian was pleasant and put us at ease."
              - Phyllis & Michael E

11/29/14 - Robert & Tim M "Robert & Tim were superior and represent your company 'Bar None'!
               I will request Robert and Tim for my next services. Will probably need windows
               cleaned after March 2015. Happy Holidays to you all - It was a pleasure using your
               company!" - Julie B

11/28/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Well Done! Thanks." - Shirley W

11/25/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Your associates were very thorough and neat." - Sam & Lori K

11/24/14 - Tim H & Isaiah "I think excellent is better than WOW. The technicians were both
               excellent and very professional." - Nancy S
11/20/14 - Mark & Sebastian "No suggestions for improvement - they were great!" - Suzy P

11/19/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Very Fast and Great Job. Thank you." - Brenda L

11/18/14 - Tim M "I appreciateed the call from Customer Service. Your guys are great!!
                - Roxanne D

11/16/14 - Brandon "Brandon did a 'WOW' Job.  Thanks!" Kurt V

11/14/14 - Brandon "Brandon did a GREAT job! Long week, long day, but came home to
               clean, sparkling windows and mirrors! :) Made me's the small things!"
                - Kasey B
11/13/14 - Isaiah "We were very pleased with the service - especially the clearness of the
               windows and how the blinds look" - James D

11/13/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Thank you forr scheduling me with my last minute request!
               Appreciate it very much!" - Tracy P

11/13/14 - Tim H & Sebastian "I have been very happy with your service. I especially like
               having the shutters cleaned." - Margo G

11/11/14 - Mark & Sebastian "All 'WOW'S" :) - Sandi H

11/10/14 - Tim M "1st time customer. Keep doing what your are doing! Will use your again.
                Thank You." - Ann B

11/10/14 - Isaiah "I would request Isaiah again!! He was most observant & helpful advise was
               given. Most importantly, he was able to get a small lizard out of the house that I had
               trapped under a bucket & was afraid to move it! THAT is customer service :)" - Joan B

11/08/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Your Customer Service Staff was very professional & courteous.
               A great performance by Mark & Sebastian!  They were great!" Pat M

11/05/14 - Robert "This was our first experience with your carpet cleaning service. Robert
               was VERY thorough and toolk lots of time doing his job. He made sure to
               addrress the difficult areas. We will definitely use this service in the future."
               - John & Betsy T

11/05/14 - Brandon "As always, I was very satisfied with the window cleaning. My house
               looks so much brighter. Thanks Brandon!" - John & Betsy T

11/01/14 - Mark & Sebastian "They were really great!" - Melanie & Robert W

10/30/14 - Brian "Exceeds expectations - works every time." - Stephen T

10/27/14 - Robert "Pleased with our Carpet & Tile Cleaning and Grout Sealing Job. Will
               recommend you." John & Jeanne E

10/23/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Absolutely great guys. Do the exact same things on their
                future visits." - Vickie & Barry K

10/22/14 - Brandon "As always a fantastic job." - Jo & Pat R

10/14/14 - Brandon "This is not the first time I have used ClearPro - I recommend them
               to friends. I also submitted a review for you on Angie's List."- Ada Jane C

10/14/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Hi - We were not in Arizona when our service was done. Staff
               is always courteous so that is why we keep using you. When we arrived Sunday
               everything looked great - Thanks!" - Chris & Paul A

10/13/14 - Brian "Very happy with Brian's job. It was perfect....the best window cleaning that I
                have ever had!" - Robert A

10/04/14 - Isaiah "Keep Sending Isaiah." - Michelle Y

09/22/14 - Tim H & Isaiah "Fast and Efficient." - Sharon R

09/18/14 - Tim H & Isaiah "Smilie Face...All WOWS!" - Tiffany L

06/26/14 - Brandon & Cory "Don't change a thing.  Great job, great people." - Mark & Leanne S

06/17/14 - Brandon & Cory "ClearPro is everything everyone is saying: courteous, kind,
                affordable, on time, and most importantly ...friendly. They do an outstanding job
                and take their profession very serious!! It would be a mistake NOT to use their
                services. - William S 

06/12/14 - Michael & Tim H "They are 'WOW'. Keep doing the same that you have been doing."
               - Jill D

05/19/14 - Michael "We love Mike. He is great!" - Melena C

05/07/14 - Michael & Tim H "Great guys. We love both of these guys. Will have them return in
               October" - Ed R

05/07/14 - Michael & Tim H "Do the same job next time!" - John A

05/07/14 - Mark " Couldn't be better!" - Nancy R

05/02/14 - Mark &  Sebastian "Very nice young men. Wish to see them again. They will know
               me and the house next time - come October when I return from Colorado." - Diane G

05/02/14 - Michael & Tim H "Not possible to improve - -They were both totally Wow! Thank you"
              - Willis H 

04/30/14 - Michael "Mike is awesome! Love his work ethic.  Another great job." - Tammi F

04/23/14 - Tim M "Thanks for your help Wednesday evening" - Nancy C

04/18/14 - Tim H "Probably should have said "WOW!" - Janet C

04/17/14 - Michael "Keep up the fine work." - Ron & Kathryn B

04/15/14 - Brandon & Cory "They earned all Excellents.  It is tough to get a 'WOW'. Carpet
               cleaning next?" - Carol R

04/14/14 - Brandon & Cory "New Account. They were Awesome!" - Jennifer M

04/11/14 - Brandon & Cory "Let me think about how you could make me say 'WOW' the next
                time, but in the interim: Shouldn't we all strive for excellence?? You succeeded!!
                WOW!! Excellent job!! WOW!!" - Suzanne P 

04/11/14 - Mark & Sebastian "They were great." - Adam W

04/09/14 - Michael "Thank You!" - Jody & Andy P

04/03/14 - Mark "Mark Rocks!" - William S

04/01/14 - Michael & Tim H "Mike and Tim were excellent. They can make me say 'WOW' the
                next time if they make lunch for us after they complete the windows. Just kidding!!
              - Paul G

03/25/14 - Michael "Great Experience! Thank you." - Colene Mc

03/22/14 - Michael "Mike deserves the MVP Award.  Mike should go into the Hall of Fame."
              - Ron & Julie F

03/22/14 - Michael "Give me Mike the next service." - Liz L

03/20/14 - Tim H "Tim was friendly but efficient and thorough. Thanks." - Paula G

03/14/14 - Brandon & Cory "Perfect! This is the second time Brandon and Cory have been here!
               Nice lads! I look forward to them." - Ada Jane C

03/13/14 - Michael "Mike is terriffic and I would like to have him all the time." - Nancy Jo P

03/11/14 - Tim H & Mark "Great Job guys!" - Christopher H

03/05/14 - Tim H & Mark "Please give us a reminder call in November." - 

02/27/14 - Brandon "Always say 'WOW'! - Bernie F

02/18/14 - Michael "Mike did a terrific job. I will request him next time." - Marcia F

02/18/14 - Mark & Tim H "Being a new client - Very Happy!! :) Very happy with results!"
              - Joyce T

02/13/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Great team! Will request them the next time." - Steve B

02/13/14 - Michael "Mike was very close to having me say 'WOW'!!!" - Sally S

02/11/14 - Michael "All Great." - Gaye L

02/11/14 - Michael "Mike was extremely professional.  Stayed on task even while explaining our
               special needs due to window stains on patio sliders due to a power spraying before
               painting. You must be proud to have Mike on your staff! He well represents your
               company!" - Valerie M

02/11/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Thank you. Mark & Sebastian  were both Excellent." - Willis H

02/07/14 - Mark "Mark was excellent. I was very pleased with the results." - Kris D

02/03/14 - Michael "I'll say 'WOW!' again the next time if you do the same great work!"-Tracy P

01/24/14 - Michael "Great Job - Thank you!" - Kent & Julie G

01/23/14 - Brandon & Cory "Wonderful Work! Can you recommend a trustworthy house cleaning
               company? Thanks!" Eileen I

01/17/14 - Mark & Sebastian "They arrived late, but called to let us know, That gives them a
               'WOW!' I forgot to unlock screen doors. They were patient and nice about it. They
               seem to enjoy their jobs - WOW." Virginia J

01/17/14 - Brian "Keep up the good work." - Barb M

01/17/14 - Mark & Sebastian "Keep up the good work!" - Sherrie L

01/15/14 - Tim H & Sebastian "All WOW's.Thank you!" - Linda Y

01/07/14 - Michael "Excelent Service." - Nancy & Bob R

01/07/14 - Tim H & Mark "Keep performing in the same manner," - Sam K

01/03/14 - Mark & Tim H "They were WOW!" - Ruth & Marty G

12/19/13 - Tim H & Mark "Keep sending Mark and Tim to do my windows! Thanks!" - Julie B

12/19/13 - Mark & Tim H "Can't think of anything to do different next time. Keep sending Mark
               and Tim to do my windows! Thanks!" - Julie B

12/18/13 - Michael "Terrific! We love Mike!." - Ron & Michelle N

12/11/13 - Michael "Continue your friendly service." - Nancy C

12/10/13 - Tim H & Mark "We may contact you next fall for the cleaning of many units on one
                day in our condo area. There are only three different models" - Diane M

12/10/13 - Mark & Tim H "Thank You." - Frannie K

12/04/13 - Mark "Mark was great. I would use him again." - Ross Mc

12/04/13 - Michael "Mike was out today and, again, did an outstanding job on the windows.
               He is always customer focused and ensures that we are more than satisfied with the
               work he has done." - Jeff & Stephanie A

12/04/13 - Mark "Mark was great.  I would use him again." - Ross Mc

12/03/13 - Tim H "No problems that I can see." - Jacqueline B

12/03/13 - Michael & Mark "We are first time customers. Mike is fantastic!" - Tony A

12/02/13 - Tim H "I am sure that the next time we meet for service to our home, it will be
                'WOW' for all of items" - Kathy H

12/02/13 - Tim M & Mark "They were quick, clean,and very nice." - Melena C

11/26/13 - Tim H "We appreciate the excellent service. Thanks for coming back to check on my
                small garage windows. See you next time." - Joan B

11/26/13 - Tim M & Sebestian "How can you make me say 'WOW' the next time? Tough....I'm
                picky! Keep up the great work. Maybe ask if the work being done is as expected at
                different times during the job. Maybe make a post service follow up call"
                - Jim & Kim S

11/26/13 - Michael & Mark "I really like your company, your services, and your employees.  
               The only thing that might make your service a 'touch' better is if you reach out to
               customers proactively to schedule their next service. (I've gotten my windows done
               around the same time each year.) I always like the people that do the cleaning. They
               are friendly, informative, and very helpful. Mike and Mark are fantastic." -Laura P 

11/26/13 - Tim H "Always great service. Excellent job on windows. Very satisfied," - Ellie K

11/25/13 - Tim H "Thanks Tim - Great Job! and thanks for letting me know about 
               my office window screen," - Kim S

11/21/13 - Tim M & Mark "Great job as always!" - Patricia M

11/20/13 - Tim H "Tim did a great job - Nice guy! Thank You." - Kathy S

11/16/13 - Mark & Sebastian "Keep up the good work. Mark's first time." - Mike F

11/14/13 - Tim M & Sebastian "Very pleased with your service." - Ken W

11/14/13 - Tim M & Sebastian "Everyone very nice. Great job." - Joanne M

11/14/13 - Michael & Mark "Both Mike and Mark were a pleasure to have in my home. On 
                 time, efficient and worked with a sense of humor. My windows are sparkling." - Jan H

11/12/13 - Tim M & Tim H "Service is great." - Paul H

11/11/13 - Tim M & Mark "Extremely dilligent / attention to detail was exceptional." - Polly G

11/07/13 - Michael & Mark "Did a good job removing the paint on the windows." - Shirley W

11/07/13 - Tim M & Sebastian "Always want Tim to clean my windows!  We love him." Susan B

11/06/13 - Tim M & Sebastian "Windows sparkle like 'WOW'!" - Jim & Marie C  

11/05/13 - Tim M & Sebastian - " Keep the communication and service going. Have Tim
                & Sebastian keep coming back. They are awesome!" - Doug C

11/05/13 - Tim H " Did not arrive as scheduled but did a great job when he arrived." - Pat L

11/04/13 - Brandon "Brandon did a great job! We're very satisfied." - Fran Z

11/01/13 - Brandon "Exceptional job done! Thanks!" - Kris W

10/31/13 - Michael & Brian "Nancy, We just arrived Az last night.  The windows look terrific.
               Makes a huge difference having all of that varnish scraped off from the perimeters
               of the glass.  Nice to have the patios power washed. One less thing for us to do.
               Thanks very much." - Chris A

10/28/13 - Tim H "Very professional & knowledgeable about shower 'needs'.  Good
                recommendations about no use of garden hose on windows w/o squeegee
                use - So glad he wore shoe covers - nice touch!" - Valerie M

10/26/13 - Mark & Sebastian "We were very impressed & are telling our friends about
               you and your great service. We will for sure use you again" - Lynnsey A

10/26/13 - Michael "Michael is wonderful & does a great job" - Charlotte H

10/24/13 - Michael, Brian, and Tim H - "Yes. We were very pleased with the outcome of
               your team's hard work at making our windows sparkle. Your team was very
               courteous and professional with all of our staff and residents; they were the talk
               of the building for a couple of days among the residents. I am giving your information
               to several staff members for the windows at home.  Thanks again." Dave G

10/24/13 - Tim M, Mark, and Sebastian "An excellent experience, as always.  I appreciated
                learning about other services provided by ClearPro, which was new information for
                me. The business name led me to believe that it was window cleaning only. I'll
               check it out on the web site. Thank you again!" - Betsy T

10/24/13 - Tim H "Keep up the great work----Tim is terrific!" - Sheila L

10/21/13 - Michael & Brian "Mike & Brian are great!" - Dee S

10/18/13 - Tim H & Mark "Great as usual!" - Andy B

10/18/13 - Michael & Tim H "Always nice to talk with you, Nancy!  Guys arrived early.
                I don't mind them using the pool - but please encourage them to wear
               swim trunks!"  :) LOL - Tami F 

10/16/13 - Tim M & Mark "Excellent is an outstanding rating. " -  Bob R

10/15/13 - Tim M & Mark "Great - Thanks!" - Sue V

10/12/13 - Tim H "Tim had a big job here & did a WOW job! So nice to 'see' "! - Jan W

10/08/13 - Michael & Tim H  To make me say 'WOW' the next time? " They could make
                breakfast and walk the dog.  Wax the tile." (Just Kidding) - Laurine S

10/05/13 - Tim M & Mark "Not familiar with my special needs but did a great job
                anyhow! Just keep up the good work." - Jene P

10/05/13 - Tim M & Mark "Just keep up the excellent work." - Debbie C

10/04/13 - Michael & Brian "Keep Up Great Customer Service and Attitude. We
                Will Want the Same Crew Again." - Ed R

10/03/13 - Michael "Great job as always. Thanks." - Judy S

09/30/13 - Michael & Brian All 'WOW's "Thanks again!" - Linda Y

09/27/13 - Tim M "Tim was great!" - Cynthia L

09/20/13 - Tim H "Everything was perfect!" - Tracy P

09/19/13 - Michael & Tim H "Keep up the prompt, quality work!" - Michael L

09/18/13 - Michael & Tim H "Keep up the good work!  Fabulous job." - Pam W

09/06/13 - Michael & Tim H "Appreciate the efficient service & quality work! Thanks."
               - Natalie V

08/26/13 - Brandon "Brandon was very professional. Did an excellent job!! Thank You.
                Also, thank you for telling me about condensation in our windows. We have
                had some replaced but I guess we have more. Thanks to Tim M as well!!"
               - Gary & Jennifer B

08/22/13 - Michael & Tim H "OK. Gave you somes 'WOW's" because the wine they
               brought was great.Next time bring breakfast with early appointment. JUST
               KIDDING. Keep up the great work." - Judy S

08/20/13 - Tim H "Already on the 'WOW' List." - Lola L

08/10/13 - Michael "He was awesome!" - Eniko L

07/10/03 - Michael "Send Michael my next service." - Wendi N

06/21/13 - Michael & Tim H "I rated 'WOW' even though they arrived early to enjoy their
                breakfast and took a dip in the pool when done." - Randy & Cathy S

06/05/13 - Tim M "Very satisfied with Tim's work." - Jane S

06/05/13 - Michael & Tim H "Just continue to do a good job consistently and the WOW
                will follow suit." - Gary & Emmaline D

06/04/13 - Tim M & Brandon "I thought they were great!  'WOW' not necessary.
                They did a great job!!" Jackie W

05/23/13 - Tim M & Brandon "How can you make me say 'WOW' the next time?
                ...Do the same." - Don N

05/20/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Good Job." - Kirk & Molly A

05/20/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Keep up the superior service." - Karen R

05/20/13 - Michael & Tim H "Mike & Tim did a GREAT job - Thank You!" - Sherri H

05/14/13 - Michael & Tim H "Thank You!" Kelly A

05/14/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Consistent - Always a Great Job!" - Kasey B

05-13-13 - Tim M & Brandon "Everything was Excellent!  We will not hesitate to refer your
                company. This was the most professional cleaning crew we have ever had!!"
               - Rick Mc

05/07/13 - Tim H "Tim was wonderful! Very professional and did an Excellent job.Thank
                you! Level of service, attention and communication was second to none -
                great customer service - I am / will be a repeat client!" - Annette G

05/02/13 - Brandon "Brandon does a Terrific job!" - Jo R

04/30/13 - Michael & Tim H - "Great Job! Love my Windows!" - Amy A

04/29/13 - Michael & Tim H "If you didn't make me say "WOW" every time - I'd find another
                another company - That's definitly not necessary. Mike & Tim are a great team!"
                - Chris A

04/26/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Thank You." - Carolyn F

04/26/13 - Tim M & Brandon "They couldn't have been better!" - Annis S

04/25/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Thanks & look forward to next time!" - Joan B

04/24/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Thanks! Job well done! See you next time." - Jim & Kim S

04/24/13 - Michael & Tim H " Always so pleased with the job done" - Tami F

04/24/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Great Job!" Jori S

04/23/13 - Mike & Tim H "Do the same work" - Sam K

04/22/13 - Tim M "Tim is the BEST! Please send him to us the next time." - Cindy P
04/22/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Stay The Same!" - Pat D

04/20/13 - Tim H "Very Satisfied, Thanks" - Carol S

04/19/13 - Tim M "Thank You!" - Steve W

04/18/13 - Mike & Tim H "I appreciated that there were no drips on the floor
                floor inside" - Valerie M  
04/16/13 - Mike & Tim H" On Time - Great team & They are Dog Guys" - Larry W

04/16/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Very Good Service" - Gail D

04/12/13 - Tim M "Tim is WOW. Goes out of his way to accomodate - He's Tops!"
               - Priscilla S

04/09/13 - Michael & Tim H "Thanks for wiping down the skylight. Love my clean windows"
               - Nancy C

04/08/13 - Tim M & Brandon"New Account. Everything was great. I had to cancel and
                was re-scheduled promptly. Very Good Crew - Very Polite!" - Peggy A

04/05/13 - Tim M & Brandon "These two guys were outstanding." - Richard C

04/05/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Send Tim out again!" - Robert L

04/03/13 - Michael & Tim H "Very Happy!" - Kathy L

04/01/13 - Michael & Tim H "If you had a double WOW catagory, I would check that one.
               Thanks for my sparkling windows" - Paul & Chris A

03/28/13 - Mike & Tim H "Keep doing the same." - Art & Nancy Jo P

03/25/13 - Mike & Tim H "All in all - Best work we've ever had." - Sam K

03/22/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Great Job. Thanks." - Kevin & Kalli C

03/23/13 - Mike - "Thank you - great job." - Chuck & Mary A

03/22/13 - Mike & Tim H "I think that they did a wonderful job and were very nice. Good &
               Excellent means to me a very good job!! Thank You." - Pat & Theresa H

03/16/13 - Brandon "I think that WOW is not a word that I would use. I would reserve that
                word for like a brand new car or something, but my windows look great!!"
             - Marilyn S

03/15/13 - MIke & Tim H "Excellent is WOW!" - Jan J

03/15/13 - Mike & Tim H "Warm, Friendly, & WOW!!" - Ron & Ronnie C

03/13/13 - Mike & Tim H "Tim & Mike cannot improve on perfection." - Jill D

03/12/13 - Mike & Tim H "Mike & Tim did an awesome job!  The are courteous AND fun!
               Will ask for them!" - Tami F

02/27/13 - Brad & Jim "Appreciate help with the alarm battery replacement and foot
                booties worn inside." - Jeffry & Gayne

02/26/13 - Mike & Tim H "They exceeded my expectations again! - Betty & Robert L

02/16/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Tim and crew have always been excellent!!" - Deborah M

02/13/13 - Brad "Will definately call you next time." - Karen P

02/15/13 - Tim M & Brandon "They are awesome!" - Howard & Bernice F

02/14/13 - Michael & Tim H "Thank You!!!" - Robert & Sally S

02/11/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Tim has always been a "WOW!" Perez L

02/06/13 - Tim M & Brandon "They were awesome!" - Cindy P

02/01/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Keep pursuing excellence. 'WOW' is perfection.
              Very difficult to attain." Richard & Sirie S

02/01/13 - Michael & Tim "Fast and clean process and informative about hard water stains."
             - James & Laurie L

01/30/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Friendly & Courteous. Familiar with my special needs because I
               have 3 senior kitties.  Careful and neat - Very much so." - Suzanne R

01/29/13 - Michael "Our thanks always.  He was terrific." - Edward H

01/24/13 - Brad & Jim "Keep up the good work!" Terry & Sharon M

01/22/13 - Brad "Thank You!" - Julie G
01/18/13 - Brad & Jim "I'll say WOW next time when you do the same again" John B

01/16/13 - Michael "The best window cleaning technician!" - Bud & Judy S

01/16/13 - Tim M & Brandon "Keep up the great work!" - Pam W

01/16/13 - Brad " Just Keep on Keepin' On.  We are 100% Pleased." - Sally K

01/16/13 - Tim M & Brandon "All of the men we've met in your two service visits to our home
               are extremely friendly and Professional.  Thanks! - Dianne B

01/15/13 - Tim M& Brandon "You guys rock! Keep coming back." - Jan P

01/14/13 - Tim M & Brandon "It was so great to have this help today. Thank you." - Nancy C

01/09/13 - Michael & Tim H "Nancy, you're fantastic and your staff as well! Thanks." Carolyn O

01/08/13 - Tim M & Brandon "I save my 'WOWS' for food! Really appreciated the cleaning
               of window tracks!!!" - Lorraine F

01/08/13 - Brad "You guys are Fantastic! See you next time." - Pat S

01/08/13 - Tim M & Brandon "It was a pleasure to have your guys in our home." - Sheryl M

01/03/13 - Brandon "Brandon went the extra mile and picked up garbage that blew over
               due to excessive wind!" - Alan & Joan B

12/21/12 - Brad & Jim "Great Job on my windows! Thanks! - Natalie V

12/21/12 - Tim M & Brandon "Great service! Nice guys & the windows look Fabulous"
               - Tonni N

12/21/12 - Tim M & Brandon "They were great!" - Diane F

12/20/12 - Michael & Tim H "Don't change a thing.  Send Mike & Tim again :)"
               - Ron & Michelle N

12/06/12 - Brad & Jim "You all are wonderful. That's why I always use you. Brad M has been
               here before and Jim was terrific as well. Very happy this time." - Harriet W

12/03/12 - Tim M and Brandon "You came highly recommended. Will DEFINATELY call you
               again & refer!!" - Cindy B

11/30/12 - Brad & Jim "Brad and Jim were great!" - Ann S

11/29/12 - Brad and Jim "Greatest team that takes care of my home. Thanks" - Warren M

11/29/12 - Tim M and Brandon "Wonderful Job!" - Fred & May G

11/29/12 - Tim M and Brandon "We are so happy with our clean windows! I have given your
               name & number to all the homeowners in our community!" - Susan & John B

11/27/12 - Brad "Brad is excellent." - Beverly T

11/26/12 - Tim M & Brandon "They worked quickly, but efficiently, were courteous and
                knowledgeable.  I appreciated that they stayed on task.  They were fast but
                detailed" - Merry S

11/22/12 - Tim M & Brandon "Excellent service - Have referred your business to others."
               - Lois U

11/21/12 - Brad & Jim "SUPER!!" - Bob & Kris M

11/21/12 - Brad & Jim "Brad is Alway "WOW"! - Barry & Jean B

11/20/12 - Brad & Jim "I love using your company. Always professional, trustworthy, and on
               time!" - Suzy B

11-19-12 - Michael & Tim H "They have always been WOW!!" - Ellie K

11/17/12 - Tim M & Brandon "Terrific Job" - Jeannie C

11/17/12 - Brad & Jim "Continue to deliver same great service!" - Dave &Debbie V

11/16/12 - Brad & Jim "The teams that come to our house are always courteous and
               professional and very efficient! They do a terrific job!" - Mike & Laura P

11/15/12 - Brad & Jim "Your men always do a great job. They are thorough, plus careful."
               - Jackie V

11/14/12 - Michael & Tim H "Hard to top it. Great workers. A pleasure to be around." - Brian Mc

11/14/12 - Tim M & Brandon "Great Job! Thank you!" Peter & Jane M

11/10/12 - Jim "Always great!" - Rod B & Nancy R

11/09/12 - Michael & Tim H "Very happy with them." - Gay L

11/09/12 - Michael & Tim H "Love You Guys." - Tom & Leeann M

11/08/12 - Michael & Tim H "Thank you Nancy for making our experience beyond perfect.
                Mike & Tim are the Best Guys out there.  Loved their neatness, quickness, and
                professionalism.Keep doing what you are doing!" -  Melena C

11/08/12 - Tim M & Brandon "On schedule. On time. Fast." - Jackie R

11/07/12 - Brad & Jim "These guys were speedy, neat, very nice - excellent service!"
                - Barbara M

11/06/12 - Michael & Tim H "Good guys - who did a thorough job, quickly." - Betty O

11/06/12 - Tim M & Brandon "Thank You to Tim and Brandon." - Martha G

11/06/12 - Michael & Tim H "Mike & Tim were great! This was their first time here so maybe
               next time they will be familiar with the place."- David & Heidi M

11/05/12 - Michael & Tim H "They are good, fast, and Friendly! Send them the next time!
               Thanks." - Harris J

11/02/12 - Brad & Jim "The windows were sparkling when I arrived." - Fran S

11/02/12 - Michael & Tim H "They were so quiet. No talking, just work." - Irene S

10/31/12 - Michael & Tim H "Always great!! Many Thanks." - Doris R

10/29/12 - Brad & Jim "All WOW's.- Keep it up!!" - Darrell W

10/29/12 - Michael & Tim H "Worked fast. Did a great job!" - Jay & Joan

10/23/12 - Brad & Jim "I am never here for the first cleaning of the fall, but it is GREAT
                to arrive & find sparkling windows, a cobb web less house, and dust free
                ceiling fans. Thank you!" - Paul & Chris A

10/19/12 - Michael & Tim H "Definitely WOW !! Great staff - I recommend your services to
               everyone!" - Louann A

10/19/12 - Brad & Jim "Awesome sevice. I love my clean windows," - Casey B

10/18/12 - Michael & Tim H "My windows look terrific--Thank you!" - Lola L

10/17/12 - Brad & Jim "Were careful, neat, and quick!" - Delmas J

10/15/12 - Michael & Tim H "We were very pleased!" - John F

10/10/12 - Brad & Jim "Just send them again!" - Nancy C

10/10/12 - Michael & Tim H "Exceeded my expectations by coming back to touch
               up a few windows after we had rain! Thank you." - Sheila L

10/10/12 - Brad & Jim "Good Job!" - Maddie H

10/09/12 - Brad & Jim "Brad is just outstanding! Love recommending your company!" - Tami F

10/03/12 - Brad & Jim "Brad and Jim are great.I really appreciate your company's good work.
               I feel like I have a new house. I hope not to wait so long next time." - Velma W

09/28/12 - Tim H "Tim did a fine job...Thanks for your service." - Nancy M

09/27/12 - Brad & Michael "Windows look great. I was not here when they were done." - Saul C

09/13/12 - Jim & Cody "You can't better than excellent in my book! Very pleased." - Karen J

08/11/12 - Michael "I really appreciated being able to have my windows cleaned on a Saturday."
               - Lynn B

06/01/12 - Brad & Michael "I can not say enough good about Brad--he is awesome! Michael,
               Too!" - Tami F

05/15/12 - Brad & Michael "They were Great." - Jeff & Linda L

05/04/12 - Brad & Michael "Thanks. Great job!" - Natalie V

04/02/12 - Brad & Michael "Thanks! Great job" - Jeannie Clout

02/22/12 - Brad "Brad is so nice! Does a Great Job." - Sally K

02/15/12 - Tim M & Brandon "I was really pleased! WOW!" - Martie L

01/17/12 - Michael "Keep up the good professional work." - Richard Mc

01/06/12 - Tim M & Brandon "You made me say WOW. They were superb.
               Thank you so much!!!"- Nancy A

11/18/11 - Tim M "I'm very pleased. Thank you." - Kim K

10/28/11 - Tim M "What a great service! Thanks - as the windows were filthy due to
                the haboob." - Sandra M

10/10/11 - Brad "Did his job without house disruption. Friendly. I might add did a great
               job!!" - Beverly T

09/28/11 - Brad "Thank you Brad for your great work. Perfect. Good luck to Doug!" - Velma W

09/23/11 - Brad "Couldn't be better! Great Job!" - Phyllis E

08/03/11 - Brad "Perfect as usual!" - Laurine S

06/30/11 - Brad "You guys are just wonderful!!! Thanks for great job." - Karen F

05/04/11 - Brad "Brad was great - courteous, efficient, thorough. Thanks." - Gene & Shirley P

"I am so happy to have found your company, Nancy.  Always been reticent about
having service people in the house ,but I've always felt good about the Clearpro personnel!  
Brad M. and Jeff have proven to be professional employees. I know you must be thankful to
have them both." Tami F

" Brad M and Jeff are the best window cleaners that we have used - very professional. Thanks! "
- Ron and Margaret W.

"Michael and Brian were the BEST guys you have ever sent to my house - I would love them every time!
Thanks so much." - Marilyn G.

"Thank you Brad, for your great work. Perfect!!" - Velma W.

"This was the first time I used a cleaning service. Great job on the windows - Great Company!"- William M.

"Perfectly cleaned windows always make me say WOW! Tell Brad M. Great job!" - Sheila L.

"Such nice young men - polite, kind, excellent workers.  Don't change a thing.  They are totally
 WOW! " - Sally K.

"This was our first experience in having our home windows cleaned. Brad M. and Jeff were terrific! Thanks
  so Much!"- Sylvia A.

"Thank You Brad M. and Michael, You are the Best Professional Window Cleaners we have ever used!
 Thank You!" - Jeff & Joan H.

"Michael and Brian did a great job and were very personable, We will definately have you back." - Pam W.

"Keep doing what your doing Mike! We will have no other company doing our windows!"
 - Margie S.

"As always Brad B. did a wonderful job!" - Patricia M.

"The technicians were Fantastic! They were quiet, courteous and very friendly. I would highly recommend
your company based on your technicians and how great my windows look!" - Mike P.

"My first time using your service - We will certainly have you back!" - Kathy F.

"They already made me say WOW! Tim and Brandon were superb. Thank You so much!!!" - Nancy A.

"Just keep on being your sweet, caring, wonderful selves. How often does one hug their window cleaning
 technicians?  Brad M. and Jeff were great today." - Nancy C.

"You guys are just wonderful!!!!  Thanks for a great job Brad M." - Karen F.

"Michael is great! I leave the house and he is in charge!" - Lynn F.

"A good man and very thoughtful.  Thanks Brad B." - Jay & Joan C.

"I have no complaints! I don't see how your service can be improved! Brad M. was perfect and he was earlier
 than expected! - Cecilia V.

"Brad M is great - courteous, efficient,and thorough. Thanks !" Gene & Shirley P.

"Brad B. was patient about me moving my dogs from inside to outside and from room to room while he worked
 The work he did is excellent." Tracey P

"You always give timely service and excellent cleaning." Connie B

"Love your people & windows always look GREAT!!" - Kalli C.

"Continue to do the same wonderful job! " - Pam W.

"First time. Just come back soon!!" - Forrest M

"Keep up the food work." - Patrick B.

"Jeff and Brad M. were both extra special." - Edward H.

"Michael and Brian did an excellent Job!" - Carl and Andy B.

"I'm very pleased. Thank You!" - Kim. K.

"Everything looks great and I'm very pleased!" - Barb K.

"Michael was early and did a great job." - Jim C.

"Wonderful as usual. Thanks Brad B."  - Sheri M.

"Very pleased with them!" (Brad M and Jeff) - Judy S

"Very courteous and neat.  Geat Job!" - Kathy D.

"I was very pleased with Tim and Brandon's work!  WOW!" - Martie T.

"Keep up the professional work!" - Richard M.
"Its hard to imagine better service! (Brad B) - Daryl M.

"Great Service, Thank You!" - Dianne B.

"Freat service.  Thanks - as the windows were filthy due to the Habib!" Sandra M.

"Brad M did a great job!" - Nancy & Bob R.

"Michael and Brian were very nice, courteous, and did a great job, Thank You." - Jeanne and Neil B.

"Brad B was great!  No need to change a thing!" - Carol S.

"Brad M. and Jeff did a first class job." - Brian M.

" They are Great!" - Paul S.

"I have always had good service from you." - Margo G.

"Always Great!" - Kevin C.

"Mike and Brian were friendly, professional, and did a great job!" - Alison M.

"Very pleased with the service." - Betty L.

"Jeff and Brad M. were efficient and courteous  and did a WOW job on my windows!" - Mike Z.

"Brad M. is so nice and does a GREAT JOB!" - Sally K.

" I like being able to send an e-mail stating the service needed and then receiving a return call to work out
 the details.  They guys were great and did a superb job." - Kris D.

"Couldn't be better!! Great Job!" -  Phyllis E.

"We will use you again." - Debbie S.

"Everything looks great!" -  Sharon R.

"Brad M. did a great job as usual!" - Ron C.

"Good job by this team (Mike and Brian) Very helpful and Professional!" - Jeff & Gayne S.

"Always a good job." - Sally E.

"How could I ever expect more?  Brad Great!" - Maryanne S.

"Just keep doing a good job!  Thanks." - Janice G

"Very courteous & neat, Great Job !" - Kathy D.

"You always give timely service and an excellent cleaning! " - Connie B.

"Brad B. and Michael, just keep up the good work!" - Pat B.

Great job. Thank you!" - Linda A

"WOW! See you in the Spring" - Ed R

" Brad M and Jeff continue to do fine work." - John & Jane C

"Requested Brad M.  He did his job without house disruption.  Friendly and I might add did a great job!!"
 - Beverly T

"Mike and Brian were terrific!" - Dale & Jay K

" Brad M and Jeff did their usual excellent job." - Terry M

"Great service again!  Thank you!" - Carl & Andrea B

"Thank you Nancy.  Brad B was great!" - Ron & Geri F

"Continue the great service." - David M

"How could I expect more? Brad M is great!" - Maryann S

"Brad M did a great job as usual." - Ron & Judy C

"Brad M - Great Job!" - Joyce & Vern H

"Brad M - THE BEST!" - Terry M

"Brad B - Always a 'WOW' job! Thx!" - Natalie & Marion V

"Brad M is so nice!  Does a GREAT JOB." - Sally K

"Michael and Brian were the BEST guys you have ever sent to my house - would love them every time!
Thanks so much." - Marilyn G

"Thanks for re-scheduling our cleaning at the last minute.  We really appraeaciate it!" - Shirley & John W

"I couldn't ask for better service from Brian!  Great representative for your business." - Joyce B

" Michael and Brian are Good Guys and Great Job!" - Betty O

"Brad M did a GREAT job." - Nancy & Bob R

"Michael and Brian did a TERRIFIC job!" - Dale & Jay K

"Brad M made us say 'WOW'! Continue doing everything the same for our next service." - Sandy & Terry H

"Thank you Nancy & Doug! Brad B was great! Send us another service reminder!" - Ron & Geri F

"We weren't home at time of service, but Brian and Michael earned a 'WOW'!  Thank You! - Ann & Guy R

"Brad M - Always Great!" -  Kevin C

"This was the first time I used a cleaning service.  Great job by Michael. Great Company" - William M

"Michael & Brian did an excellent job!" - Carl & Andy B

"Thank you!!  I'll call again soon. Brad M is so great, polite, hard working, so thoughtful.  He offered & did lock
up for us when he left!  If I think of a referral - I wouldn't hesitate to tell them about ClearPro." - Sally K

"Our old window cleaner cleaned our windows for years. The person he sold his business to is not good. When
our old window cleaner had an accident, he  referred ClearPro to my parents .  Thank goodness my Mom paid
by check and could look up your company name.  I am very happy with my clean windows.  Thank you!"
- Tracy P

"Brian and Michael were great! Fast. Neat. Personable." - Carol S

"Just keep up the good work, they (Brad & Zac) were great" - Jean H

""All was terrific!" - Sara M

"We are very happy with the service" - Margo G

"Michael & Brian were friendly & professional - great job!" - Michael Y

"Great job - very pleased" - Jim C

"Thanks so much!!" - Jeff A

"This team was GREAT - 2nd time with Brad and Zac - will request them in Spring 2011" - Ed R

"Brad and Zac did a great job :)" - Sydney W

"Tech's were great. Did as I asked. Very polite. Thank you!" - Jennifer W

"Michael was great!!" - Louann A

"Best job ever!  Do the same (next time). They were perfect!" - Jackie V

"Brian did a good job - you are our only window cleaners." - Kathy D

"Thank you.Thank you.Thank you! My windows are once again sparkling clean. I really appreciate your
graciousness and your wonderful men." - Elayne L

"Two of the most courteous and professional service providers who have ever come into our home!" - Phyllis E

"Nancy and Doug - Thank you so very much for making our outside space so inviting and clean!  It was great
coming home knowing it would be taken good care of" - Marilyn G

"Brad was fantastic" - Debra E

"Met or exceeded  my expectations (From the Quality of Service Survey) rated a 'WOW' times 5.  Send Brad
again.  Will have you back in October." - Ed R

"Very professional!.  Will continue to use your service and will refer you to others." -
Paula L

"I am so pleased...Thank you! My windows are gorgeous!" - Margaret O

"Absolutely excellent job!! We would love to refer you...Thank you!!!" - Carl & Andrea B

"Most efficient, did a really good job, and were willing to do whatever I needed. Thank you so much" - Karen G

"It is our pleasure to have you do our windows. You are always so pleasant when I call for an appointment. My
windows truly do "Sparkle" now! Many thanks. See you next time." - Chris A

"When notified a window was missed, they came back immediately. That's a WOW!" - Sara M

"Send me some cards - I already gave out the two I had. Thanks." - Agnes C

"Always do a GREAT JOB!! Windows are spotless." - Kalli C

"Keep up the great work. My windows look fabulous!" - Tami F

"Wish I could take you along to Prescott Valley. We are going to miss your service." - Nancy A

"As Always, Great Job!!" - Patricia M

"Doug went the extra mile." - Gene & Dot B

"See you next winter! Great job!" - Beverly E

"They are excellent! WOW." - Sue P

"Everything was handled professionally and courteously." - Karen M

"They did a great job - can't see how they could improve!" - Alice P

"WOW as always!" - Sandy W

"Keep up the great service." - Beverly M

"Everything is wonderful as always." - Theresa K

"You guys are great - Thanks for a great job." - Judy S

"Always great to see Doug." - Scott C

"You are the best!" - Don R

"Very pleased; nice young men; thanks." - Sally K

"The office was friendly; appreciated the job updates; very pleased with the service." - John & Jane C

"They did a great job! Thanks." - Rita B

"I am always pleased by your service." - Barbara G

"Keep doing what you are doing." - Hershel P

"They were great." - Arlene D

"Very good job!" - Mark E

"Brad is Great!" - Nola T

"Thank you so much!" - Lynne H

"Thank you - the windows look great...the results are very satisfactory!" - Robert C

"Thank you. Nice Job." - Barbara & Ed B

"Thank you so much!" - Pat & Don W

"We are very pleased!" - James & Flory T

"Fast work, terrific results." - Linda M

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