Rating Methods for Cleaning and Restoring Solar Screens

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Pressure Wash (Water Only)                                         Cost     $$-$$$                Effectiveness    *

Procedure: Use a low pressure nozzle to wash both sides of screen. 

Effectiveness: Pressure washing with water only does not clean screens because 'water only' does not break the bond that exists between the screen fabric and the dust, dirt, and oxidation.


Soft Bristle Brush                                                             Cost    $                           Effectiveness       **

Procedure: Alternate brushing both sides of screen until the loose dust and dirt is removed.

Effectiveness: Brushing screens is an inexpensive way to remove loose dirt and most dust, but does not remove oxidation and the dirt tightly bonded to the screen fabric.


Pressure Wash (Water + Mild Detergent)                  Cost    $$ - $$$               Effectiveness        ***

Procedure: Use white nozzle to apply a mild detergent to both sides of screen. Use a low pressure nozzle to rinse both sides of screen. 

Effectiveness: Using a mild detergent in combination with pressure washing removes loose dirt and dust, but does not remove oxidation and dirt tightly bonded to the screen fabric.


ClearPro Deep Clean with Enzyme Solution               Cost    $$ - $$$              Effectiveness         ******

Procedure: Prepare a clean surface to clean the screens on. Pre-rinse both sides of screen.  Lay screen flat on the cleaning surface.  Use soft bristle to liberally apply the enzyme solution to screen surface brushing the screen thoroughly top to bottom and then side to side.  Flip the screen over and repeat the cleaning process.  Thoroughly rinse screen on both sides.

Effectiveness: This is ClearPro proprietary technique which removes all loose dirt and dust, but more importantly it also removes the dirt and oxidation tightly bonded to the screen fabric.  This technique leaves your screens smelling clean with a pleasant citrus aroma and looking SPARKLING CLEAN!!

Value Added Benefit: Your exterior windows will stay cleaner longer following a window cleaning service- some customers reporting as long as 6 to 12 months.  ClearPro Deep Cleaned screens act as a natural barrier that reduces the penetration of windblown and rain carried dust and dirt that normally settles on the exterior of your windows over time.

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